For over 25 years, Carel Woodworks has been the silent force behind the success of renowned global brands, serving as the mastermind and main manufacturer that brought their branded environments to life and created.After decades of operating behind the scenes, we have decided to step into the spotlight with our own distinct identity.

Welcome to Arbore, where the legacy of premium furniture craftsmanship meets the heart and soul of a family business.

Arbore is a brand where the enduring tradition of premium furniture craftsmanship converges with the deep-rooted values of a
family-run business.

Originating from the esteemed Carel Woodworks in Transylvania, a region famed for its Creative East heritage, Arbore strives to become a guiding force in furniture design. Through collaborations with international designers, we take inspiration from traditional romanian craftsmanship to create furniture and interior objects that champion a philosophy of good-hearted living.

Our creations are marked by a graceful blend of beauty, simplicity, elegance, and thoughtful design, reflecting a lifestyle that values both aesthetics and meaningfulness.

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Sustainability, Social Care and Strong Ethics

Crafting with Conscience

Through our dedication to sustainable materials, support for social causes, and ethical business operations, Arbore demonstrates a deep commitment to improving our planet and enriching the lives of its inhabitants.

Green Initiatives

We actively engage in environmental conservation, from eco-friendly manufacturing practices to significant reforestation efforts.

Animal Welfare

Arbore actively supports animals ensuring care and protection for our furry friends by donating part of every piece sold to local shelters.

Disadvantaged Youth

Arbore is dedicated to aiding disadvantaged youth by providing mentoring and financial support, all aimed at nurturing their talents and fostering their future success.

Ethical Foundations

Our operations are grounded in a strong foundation of integrity and ethics, guaranteeing that every decision and action we take  adheres to these vital principles.

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