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Steekla Lounge Chair

Steekla Lounge Chair

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Steekla Lounge Chair





Product Description

The Steekla Lounge Chair is the perfect blend of comfort and style. With its soft textiles and plush design, this chair was created to envelop and cushion the user in comfort.

The boundary of soft wood armrests and legs serves as a sturdy and supportive frame for the upholstery, providing a cozy and secure place to relax.

Whether you’re reading a book, watching television, or just taking a nap, the Steekla Lounge Chair is the perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The combination of soft textiles and gentle curves with the warm, natural look of wood creates a sense of comfort and tranquility that is sure to make this chair a favorite in any home, office or lounge area.

Finishes: Natural | Dark | Black | Honey | Custom Ral
Any fabrics from these suppliers: Dedar, Kvadrat, Torri Lana, Camira, Bru Textiles, Textaafoam

Product Dimensions: 870 x 800 x 800mm
Seat height: 375mm


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Steekla Lounge Chair

Collaboration Breeds Success

A Design By Hill Design Studio x Arbore

All our products are customizable to your preferred finish, dimension and fabric.

“The range began with a conversation and review of traditional Romanian woodwork and craft, and how to be best showcase but modernize this theme. Ideally we wanted to create products that could flex between a living and working environment, while featuring the craftsmanship and tradition.

I developed some of my design cues from Japanese and minimalist influences. I found these intersections of culture, craftsmanship, and flexibility to be critical and inspiring.

The end goal was to generate modern, yet subtle and rational products. The post and dowel construction was a direct relational nod to the material, forest and timber.

I found myself curious about the intersections of the same components, such as dowels, and how to build using these common, easily manufactured part.

The dowels and circles are a translation of the common spaces and uses of these products, something we can all relate to and approach.”    

Jesse Hill, Hill Design Studio Founder

* Please note that our products are handcrafted from natural materials. For this reason, there may be some differences in the shade, grain of wood and marble.

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