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Following our 'Raw Function' aesthetic, the credenza focuses on the natural beauty and durability of its construction materials.

Crafted as part of our commitment to circular and regenerative processes, this piece is designed with sustainability at its core.  It stands as a confirmation to our dedication to creating desirable, high-quality items that enrich spaces while respecting the environment.

Finishes: Natural  | Dark | Black | Honey | Custom Ral

Product Dimensions: 1680 x 400 x 690mm


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Collaboration Breeds Success

A Design By IAMDC x Arbore.

All our products are customizable to your preferred finish, dimension and fabric.

“Obsolescence is hard-coded into the linear system to save production costs and increase margins. At the same time, consumers have to contend with single-use products, which inadvertently leads to excess furniture waste. To me, furniture waste is primarily a symptom of failed user relationships. So, in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, I turned to the circular economy for answers. I wanted to create a brand where 'our mindset' generates aspiration to drive change.

By claiming the name I AM DESIGNED CIRCULAR, we are setting the highest standards for our products from the outset.It will be a long journey with many twists and turns. However, I firmly believe in the power of design to help build a lasting furniture legacy by connecting, educating and inspiring like-minded individuals and businesses, showing that circular living is attainable for all”  

Dean Connell

* Please note that our products are handcrafted from natural materials. For this reason, there may be some differences in the shade, grain of wood and marble.

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