Arbore: Pioneering Sustainability in Furniture Design

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Arbore: Pioneering Sustainability in Furniture Design

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May 17, 2024

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Arbore is committed to following sustainable manufacturing processes and innovating in the space.

Arbore: Pioneering Sustainability in Furniture Design

Arbore: Pioneering Sustainability in Furniture Design

At Arbore, our passion for woodcraft extends far beyond mere furniture making. It is a profound expression of respect for nature and a commitment to sustainability. As a premium furniture brand deeply rooted in tradition yet forward-thinking in our approach, we strive to blend innovative design with environmental stewardship. Our journey towards sustainability is not just a policy but a core part of our identity.

Embracing Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation, quality, and design are the pillars that uphold our brand. However, we recognize that these must be supported by a robust sustainability strategy. At Arbore, sustainability means more than just using eco-friendly materials; it involves a holistic approach to reducing our environmental footprint at every stage of the production process.

Our Sustainable Practices

Every piece of furniture we create at Arbore begins with the selection of materials. We predominantly use oak wood, renowned not only for its durability and beauty but also for its sustainability. Oak is a noble material, and we treat it with the reverence it deserves, ensuring that every cut and carve pays homage to its origin.

Giving Back to Nature

Our responsibility to nature is paramount. We are committed to giving back more than we take, actively participating in reforestation efforts and other initiatives aimed at restoring the natural balance. This dedication extends to protecting Romania’s rich natural heritage, including its vast expanses of virgin and quasi-virgin forests, which are among Europe’s most pristine.

Romania’s Environmental Leadership

Our country stands at the forefront of environmental conservation in Europe. Romania's low level of carbon emissions and its leadership in the protection of natural habitats set a standard we are proud to uphold. The Wooden Cathedral of the Rarau-Carpathian Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, symbolizes the majestic beauty that we are committed to preserving.

Sustainable Energy Use

In our manufacturing processes, we prioritize energy efficiency, using a significant portion of renewable energy sources. The national trend reflects this commitment, with Romania increasingly relying on wind, solar, and hydropower, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their 1990 levels.

The Creative East and Modern Design

The resurgence of modern design in Eastern Europe, often referred to as the Creative East, has been a boon for Arbore. This movement has not only influenced our designs but also reinforced our commitment to sustainable practices. The Creative East champions a design philosophy that harmonizes aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility, a principle that is deeply embedded in every piece of Arbore furniture.

Community and Collaboration

Our involvement with local and European environmental initiatives, such as the European Green Deal and FIT55, reflects our dedication to community and collaboration. These efforts are aimed at fostering a sustainable future for all, demonstrating that our commitment extends beyond our immediate surroundings.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, Arbore remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a sustainable furniture manufacturer. Our participation in international climate protection dialogues and compliance with stringent EU environmental regulations underscore our resolve to be at the forefront of ecological preservation.

Arbore is more than just a furniture brand; we are a community of designers, artisans, and environmental advocates. We believe that true beauty in furniture comes from its ability to not only fill spaces but also preserve the world around us. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into each thread of our company’s fabric, ensuring that every piece we create supports our planet’s health and our customers’ well-being.

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